Hotel Introduction


The hotel is located at the 10 km northeast of the Zhucheng city, Shandong Province---- named as the “ Hometown of the dinosaur in the north of China” and in the century-old Liuyong Chestnut Garden near the Wei River. The hotel is 120 km away from Qingdao in the east, near No. 206 National Highway in the west, 80 km away from Rizhao in the south, 60 km away from Weifang in the north and is 50-minutes’ drive away from the Qingdao International Airport. Jiaoji Railway and Qinglan highway also make the transportation convenient. Zhucheng has a long history of development with many famous people and is rich in Cultural and Tourism resources. The discovery and exploitation of the dinosaur fossils which are over 70 million years from now brings Zhucheng the reputation of the “ Dinosaur City of China”. The hotel is located in the century-old Liuyong Chestnut Garden with beautiful scenery, which is the ideal place for tourists from home and abroad to stay and visit.

The hotel is a comprehensive service hotel offering services including accommodation, conference, catering , entertainment tourism and relaxation. The hotel takes green and environmental protection as the concept, adopts green environmental protection techniques and materials with full equipments. The hardware system configuration is selected from the advanced products and equipments from home and abroad, which will let every guest live in the luxury, comfortable, quiet and healty environment.

VIP  Suite

There are different kinds of guestrooms include VIP Suite, Deluxe Suite and Standard Room. You can view the endless Weihe river, or the beautiful garden through the window in every room. You can also visit the chestnut garden to pick up the chestnuts with your friends and relatives to enjoy the harvest pleasure in the harvest time of chestnuts during the golden autumn. There are Chinese, Western and Japanese restaurants in the hotel.The hotel also has large, medium and small banqueting halls. It is also managed by the Qingdao Hai Tian Hotel Management Company— the winner of “ Five-star Diamond Award”, which will build the star-rated hotel into the first brand in Zhucheng.

The hotel has an area of over 70 mu with the floor area of 15,200 square meters, among which the main building has an area of 13,200 square meters and the affiliated building has an area of over 2,000 square meters. The hotel also has a theme square of barbecue which could accommodate over 1000 persons at one time. The height of the main building of the hotel is 18 meters. The main building has three floors on the ground and the height of each floor from the first floor to the third floor is 4.5 meters, 3.9 meters and 3.9 meters respectively.The structure of the building is frame style.

The outlook of the hotel is garden style and the top layer is in the style of fastigium with red tiles. It looks like a ruby set in the grass while looking from afar, which adds colorful highlights to the chestnut garden.

Telephone:0536---6170888 FAX:0536---6170166 Reservations Hotline:0536---6170177、6170888 Address:NO.188 Binhe East Road Zhucheng City Shandong Province Zip Code:262216